Riverside Escapes



Is Riverside Escapes a good place for a family vacation with children?

Riverside Escapes is located directly on the French Broad River, with fast moving river water. Young children are not permitted on the waterfront at all or in Americana Cabin. Older children may stay with parents/guardians in the mainland cabins. However, direct active adult supervision is required at all times.

I’d like to come stay in Americana Cabin and fish. Would my wife be comfortable there?

It depends! The Americana Cabin is rustic and designed for those comfortable with a bit of adventure and can be very romantic. Campfire cooking, outdoor showers, and wood stove heat are part of the fun. Our Riverview Retreat Cottage has all of the comforts of home.

Is there whitewater rafting nearby?

Whitewater rafting companies offer trips from Marshall and Hot Springs, just down river from Riverside Escapes.

Can I kayak from Riverside Escapes?

Absolutely! There are several parks up river that make excellent launch points with Riverside Escapes as the take-out point.

Is there good fishing in the French Broad River?

Section 8 of the river, where Riverside Escapes is located, is known for having lots of small mouth bass, some trout and muskies.